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Premium Rent a Car Samos Services

Quality Car Rental Services

Our goal is our clients to be satisfied, happy and of course to create the best memories from their holidays in Samos. That’s why we provide in very competitive prices premium services for rent a car in Samos.

Free Pick Up & Drop Off

We offer free pick up and drop off services at Samos Airport, Port and almost all hotels on Samos. Rent your car in Samos with us and receive free delivery of your chosen car without delays or other unpleasant surprises.

Reliable Rental Cars in Samos

All our rental cars in Samos are new, safe and in excellent condition. Dream rent a car is a local family-owned company with a small fleet. We always pay great attention to all our cars and we keep them in excellent condition.

Free Baby & Child Seats

If you choose to rent a car in Samos from us you will not have to pay extra money for baby, child or booster seats. We provide totally free of charge baby, child & booster seats to all our clients. Safety always comes first.

Excellent Support

Our small car rental company in Samos is well known for our excellent and friendly customer service. We always pay a lot of attention to all the details because we love what we do and we are always there for you.

Free Additional Driver

Why pay extra money for an additional driver when you can get one for free. Choose Dream Rent a Car Samos and save all the extra costs that other rental companies charge you. We always offer more.

Best Prices & Service for Car Rental in Samos

Dream Rent a Car Samos

rent a car in samos - Dream Car Rental

What is the best price for rent a car in Samos?

The truth is that is not very easy to answer the above question. The best price is a combination of many parameters, and many of these parameters are different according to your needs. For example, a couple with kids will require a family rental car in Samos with baby and child seats and probably with an extra driver. On the other hand, a young couple doesn’t need baby or child seats, it’s possible not to require a second driver and most times a small car can cover their needs. So if you seek the best price for rent a car in Samos according to your needs you need to check if the rental price includes free baby – child seats, free extra driver, free unlimited Kms and of course pay great attention to the insurance coverage.Our company can guarantee your totally satisfuction.
  • Free Pick Up & Drop Off
  • Third Party Insurance
  • Free Baby & Child Seats
  • Theft Insurance
  • Free additional driver
  • Fire Insurance
  • Free Unlimitied mileage
  • CDW Insurance

How much does it cost to rent a car in Samos?

The costs of a rental car are not easy to determine, because the costs vary depending on the type of car (small, medium, family, SUV, jeep, etc.). The costs also depend on the rental period (low, mid or high season). Another factor that influences the cost of a rental car in Samos and everywhere is the rental duration. The daily costs are lower if you rent a car for 7 days and higher if you rent a car for a day or two. Another factor is what is included in the rental price. The price is higher if the price includes FDW (full insurance) and lower if the TPI or CDW insurance is included. The price can also be lower if you have to pay extra for child seats, additional drivers, unlimited mileage etc. The average price for renting a car in Samos is around € 29 per day.
Samos rent a car
rent a suv car in samos

Why to choose Dream Rent a Car Samos

Our small car rental company on Samos is best known for our excellent and friendly customer service along with a fleet of new and clean cars. We always pay a lot of attention to all details because we love what we do. In addition, we are always there for you and we take care of everything, so you don’t have to worry. In Dream rent a car Samos we offer the best possible prices and services of top quality. Our economy prices also include everything. Furthermore, there are no hidden costs. Our prices and our rental conditions are very simple and very clear. Finally, you can book your rental car quickly, easily and with complete security through our website. Our online booking system is very simple and you can complete your online reservation in just 3 steps.

Book Online your rental car in Samos

Online Booking System


Choose Location, Date & Time

In step one, choose the desired pickup location, date, time, and the date and time of the delivery location, date and time. Then click on the search button to view all available rental cars.


Choose your Rental Car for Samos

In step 2 you can choose your rental car. You can see all the available cars, the price, the characteristics of each car and of course the details of what is included in our economy rental prices.


Choose Extras and That’s it

In the third step of our online booking system you can choose free extras such as baby seats, additional driver or extras with additional cost. After that, enter your personal details, choose method of payment & that’s it.

Rent your car in Samos today with the most economy and reliable way.

In just 3 steps, you can complete your reservation fast and easy.